Hey, I'm Haroon đź‘‹

I’m a professional in the artificial intelligence space that is deeply passionate about making AI more equitable.

Currently, I lead product marketing at Arthur AI, a fast-growing startup that’s creating tools for companies to make their AI models more transparent and fair. I’m also a founder of A.I. For Anyone, one of the most impactful AI literacy nonprofits in the world. Since 2018, we’ve been delivering resources to help individuals—especially those that are underserved—better understand what AI is and how it might impact their lives.


Previously, I’ve worked in data science and engineering roles at Mark Cuban Companies and Komodo Health, as well as business roles at Facebook and Deloitte Consulting.

I graduated from Penn State with a Bachelor’s in Economics and UC Berkeley with a Master’s in Information and Data Science.


I created Haroon Helps as a way to publicly explore strategies and tools for finding success and fulfillment in a rapidly changing world. You can learn more about what motivates me here:


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